Thursday, August 4, 2011

Nautical Themed Clip Chart

Last year, a week before school started, I decided to try something new.  The clip chart.  The old, "How's Your Day Going?" and flip a card system was out the door.  I kicked it to the curb and haven't looked back since!  I had used that old system for years and it was fine, it worked.  I just like absolutely LOVE the clip chart 100 times better!  If you haven't heard of this classroom management system, you must read this e-book that explains it so perfectly.  I guarantee, you'll see what I mean! I think it actually made me a better teacher!  Well, since I made the decision to implement this system a week before school, I just made your basic chart, nothing fancy.

Fast forward to now, summertime, creative juices are flowing, I have made a new and improved clip chart to match my theme!  I still have to print it and mount to the colored paper and laminate, but it's on the list!!! Here it is...wa-lah!

Nautical Clip Chart


Miss Reeve said...

I have a clip chart sort of like this one, but it's a stoplight. I LOOOOOVE yours - super cute!

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