Monday, August 1, 2011

Magic Confetti Freebie!

I know many of you have probably seen or used this before, it's Magic Confetti!  It's a really cute idea for K,1st, or even 2nd grade.  I've seen teachers tweak it just a bit and turn it into a snack for the upper grades.  You simply attach  the adorable poem to a cellophane bag or any clear baggie, filled with confetti.  It is perfect to give out at Meet & Greet night before school starts.  It's a way to ease and calm the fears of those little ones the night before school.  My theme is nautical, but I thought, why not create a few with some different themes.  So, here are a few samples with a Pirate theme, Ocean/Beach theme, and a basic Back to School theme.  Enjoy!

Back to School Magic Confetti NAUTICAL

Back to School Magic Confetti OCEAN

Back to School Magic Confetti PIRATE

Back to School Magic Confetti SCHOOL


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