Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Where It All Goes Down Wednesday - Classroom Pics

I'm continuing with Teacher Week at "I'm Blog Hoppin' " with classroom pictures.  I did show before and after pics way back at the beginning of August, but I'll just share some of my favorites.  I have a nautical theme, with a little ocean/beach sprinkled in as well.

 Beth Newingham was my inspiration with her nautical theme.  This is the entrance to my classroom.  I have since added little sailboats with student names to the left of my door in the netting.  The kids make their lunch choice on the door (it's magnetic).  I have also added little fish with their names on them and a magnet on the back.
 As soon as you walk in and look left, you'll see my Fundations board, dry erase board, Smart Board, and Math area.  I've added a few things for math as well.
 Rules and Clip Chart, mailboxes made by my hubby.
 Small group area back corner, CAFE menu, word wall, student desks, the door the right leads into a mini computer labette.  It holds 10 computers that I share with the teacher next door.
Book boxes, classroom library, displays for student work.

The sea canopy is always a favorite reading nook for Daily 5 time!

One more day of In-service tomorrow, followed by Open House/Meet the Teacher night.  It will be along one, but I am looking forward to meeting my new crew!  Now... off to see other classrooms on I'm Blog Hoppin'!

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