Monday, July 18, 2011

Diving In!

Well, I'm hoping that by starting this new blog, it will jinx me in a weird sort of way! I started my whole love affair with "blogland" when I began our adoption blog. It was a way for me deal with the stress and ups and downs of the long and difficult process. We are still waiting, but I have a whole new addiction to teacher blogs! It is summer and I thought, why not give it a whirl right?! So, I'm diving in, trying something new. I am hoping to join Teachers Pay Teachers and the new Teachers Notebook soon, as a way to share and make a little extra $ on the side. Going back to my first thought... why on earth am I hoping to jinx myself? Well, I hope that if I keep busy with my blogs, that God will bless us soon(er) with a little one. I know I can continue to blog, but probably just not as often. All you moms out there are probably saying, "keep dreamin' sista!" right? Nevertheless, I am excited to begin!


Candice said...

Greetings from Hardee County, Florida! I just stumbled on your blog (super cute, btw!), from the clutter free classroom blog. We're also in the process of adopting (from China). Would you mind sharing your adoption blog link?
Candice :)

Kim said...

Hi Candice! Thank you for being my 1st commentor! I appreciate your kind words! Yes, my adoption blog link is:

I should create a button from that blog and link it to my new teacher blog. It certainly is nice to have support from others going through the adoption process. It literally is a roller coaster! Anytime you want to vent or talk adoption, let me know!

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