Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Out of the Mouths of Babes Linky Party

I am brand spanking new to the "teacher blogworld".  What better way to start, than by linking up with Mel D. at Oh The Places You'll Go Teacher Resources and share some of the hilarious things my students have said over the years.  I just realized the linky party was posted a few days ago.  I hope I'm not breaking any "blog etiquette" by linking today. Someone PLEASE tell me if that's a no-no!  Anyways, we could all use a good laugh no matter what day it is! Right?!

O.K. so here goes...

Several years ago, while taking my 1st grade class to the restroom, the first week of school, a boy comes out quickly to announce, "Mrs. M...someone '2ed' in the '1'!"  I was puzzled and asked, "What?!".  He looked frustrated and explained again, "Someone 2ed in the 1!"  I finally figured it out, in the boys restroom, there are 2  freestanding urinals and one toilet in a stall.  Some little cutie apparently didn't know where to go "number two" and did it in the "number 1".  That had to be awkward!  The urinals in the primary restrooms are very low to the ground though.  Needless to say, I called the custodian on that one!

Just this year during Writer's Workshop a little girl was fully engaged in her story.  She was almost ready to write her final copy.  She quietly leaned over to the student next to her and whispered, "How do you spell giraffe?".  I was conferencing with a different student across from her and I knew her story had nothing to do with animals.  (I had conferenced with her the day before.) Curious, I stopped and asked her, "Sweetie, why do you need to know how to spell giraffe?" She proceeded to tell me, "Ya know, like when we first start writing our rough "giraffes", then you write a final copy next".  Ah ha!
Rough Draft, DOES indeed sound much like "rough giraffe"!  I tapped out the sounds, wrote it down on a sticky note, and showed her the correct word.  Then, she stopped and said, "I wondered why they called it ROUGH giraffes (notice she still said it incorrectly), when really giraffes look pretty soft and smooth!"

And finally, one last giggle...

Two of my boys had just came back from Title I Reading one afternoon and asked to use the restroom.  I normally don't let both go at the same time, but we were going to take a math test soon, so I allowed both to hurry and go.  These two had been known to get on each others nerves from time to time.  Lo and behold, one returned rather quickly and said, "T said a bad word!"  I said, "What did it start with?"
Don't ask me why I said that!  Little boy replied after a few seconds of thinking and finally said, "Ummm, the word started with 'C' ."  I was stumped and thinking he meant "S".  Then, "T" returned with his head down low, trying to sneak in... but I called him over to see what the story was.  I asked him, "Did you say something inappropriate in the restroom?"  Long sigh... "Yeah... I said crap!" 
I was proud of both of them: the one who told the truth, and the other who got the first letter right!
He later admitted he wasn't sure if it started with a "c" or a "k"!  I explained that the word wasn't a "bad" word, but one we probably shouldn't say.  Then, I looked up at the clock and saw how much time we had left in the day and wanted so badly to say, "Oh crap, we gotta get going with our math test!" JUST to myself of course! 


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